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What other students are saying.

“Great course. Once I bought a course on sourdough bread, much more expensive, but the explanation was not nearly as good as this one. And the optional recipes are great.”

Alfredo Jara

“The course is very informative, interesting and very well structured. With simple yet very important level of details and the sample recipes are varied.”

Rasha El-Naggar

“A really good and informative course, I learned a lot about sourdough baking as well as acquiring some fantastic recipes I can't wait to try. Charles gives good step by step instructions and made this course thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you Charles”

Ismet Hassan

“Very useful course, I liked it much! 😊👍I learned a lot and each time when I watch it again and again I find something new and useful, highly recommend to whom who want to learn the right process how to make a perfect sourdough bread”

Inessa Pushkar

“I've been making sourdough bread for five years, and this is the first time I've heard anybody talk about the temperature like this - it's something I will be thinking about seriously now, as I have certainly noticed that proving times vary wildly from winter to summer. A winter proof of five hours can be just 1.5 hours in summer. As a home baker, it's not so crucial for me, but it's still something I will address. Thank you so much, Charles.”

Dafydd Saer